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New Knowledge Base Articles Published!

Discussion created by Alex Nassi Employee on Feb 5, 2015
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Our support team has been hard at work writing and updating the following Knowledge Base articles. I hope that you are able to find value in these articles and that they help improve your experience using Sugar. These articles are all written by members of our support team, with many more coming!

Basic Usage
Introduction to CRM
Previewing Related Records Via Record View Dashlets
Managing Accounts With Multiple Locations
Understanding the Accounts-Contacts Relationship

Notifying Users of Upcoming Calls and Meetings
Reporting on Leads With No Activities
Capturing Records' Activities Counts Using Calculated Fields
Capturing a Record’s Last Activity Date Using Workflows
Relating Activities to an Account and Contact Simultaneously
Integrating with iCal

Reporting on Campaign Results
Understanding Campaign Opt Outs

Migration & Import
Migrating Data From a Previous CRM System
Importing With Record IDs Using Excel’s VLOOKUP

Resizing Images in PDF Manager
Introduction to Relationships and Relate Fields (updated)
Dependent Field : Date Equals Today
Managing Sugar Portal in Sugar 6.5

Troubleshooting PCRE Issues
Troubleshooting Sugar Logging Out Unexpectedly
Troubleshooting Blank Pages and Partial Page Loads (updated)
Troubleshooting Address Fields Appearing Twice
Troubleshooting Errors With Print or Email as PDF

Accessing Sugar From a Mobile Device (updated)
Performing an Initial Load for Sugar Mobile Plus

Health Check
Health Check Error: $this usage
Health Check Error: Bad vardefs – multienum
Health Check Error: Found subpanel with link to non-existing module
Health Check Error: Vardef HTML function custom
Health Check Error: Bad vardefs – key
Health Check Error: Custom module with the same name as new Sugar7 module

Increasing the Width of the Autocomplete Suggestion Box
Customizing Call Status Behavior

Customer Information
Upgrading On-Demand Instances
Understanding Sugar’s Bug Portal Fields