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Sorting fields in Subpanels within Accounts Module

Question asked by sisrom sisrom on Feb 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2015 by Dmytriy Kryvosheyev



I have  been searching for ages for this and tried everything I could fine online but  nothing seems to work.


I have  custom modules setup as subpanels within Accounts. So under Accounts I can see  the subpanels. All I want to do is for each subpanel I have listed is to set a  default sort option by a specific field. I have tried the below code:




$layout_defs['Accounts']['subpanel_setup']['accounts_sits_technical_passwords_1']['sort_order']  = 'ASC';
  $layout_defs['Accounts']['subpanel_setup']['accounts_sits_technical_passwords_1']['sort_by']  = 'purpose_c';


I have tried  putting this in various places including extensions but nothing seems to work.  It seems to keep the last desired search option the user has selected.


Anyone  please help it is driving me mad. :)

PS: I am running CE 6.5.20


Thanks All