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API performance - does this seem a bit slow?

Question asked by Steve Cox on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by Steve Cox
I've been trying to track down performance issues with our development version of 7.5 pro. For example, bringing up a contact listview takes about 3 seconds. I've used Chrome devtools to observe the timeline involved - the majority of it is 'scripting' - which indicates it's not network latency.

This page will hit a few API calls. I've isolated the main one:

and this takes about 1.7 seconds (using Postman to monitor it).

I've captured the SQL this sends to the mysql server - and the query itself only takes about 0.15 seconds on the server. 

So it looks like it's the PHP being executed for the API calls that's taking most of the time - or some kind of latency between the apache server and the mysql server (less likely I would think).

Any thoughts on the best way to benchmark the API scripts?

The dev web server isn't the hottest, but it's OK. 3GB RAM, single core.

The apache server is using APC.