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Newbie needs clarification (pre-install)

Question asked by paul paul on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2015 by paul paul
Hello, I just got turned-on to SugarCRM.  I understand it used to be free and now it isn't. 
1) what was the last free version?  I have found downloads for 6.5.20 that claim to be free.  I need it for the Mac.  But then I found that there are versions in the 7.x range also, yet I could not find downloads for that.
2) Is it possible to customize the fields, or at least add new fields, to the Lead, Contact and Account pages? I watched a couple youtube SugarCRM tutorials and I did not see any customization being done.
3) where can I find a detailed user manual / reference manual for 6.5.20 (which is the highest version number I could find for Mac)?