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How to convert a Target to a Lead with a workflow?

Question asked by on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by EvilPeri EvilPeri

I am using Version (Build 1004)

1 - I have an external web site that is populating my SugarDB successfully.  There is a checkbox that when it is checked, it updates a given target so that box is now also checked in Sugar.

2 - I have created a workflow to fire when this checkbox is set to 'yes'

3 - However when I go to selection an action for that workflow I only have 4 choices

Update fields in the target module

Update fields in a related module

Create a record in a module associated with target module

Create a record associated with a module related to the target module

None of these is 'Covert this Target to a Lead.'  When this box is checked, it indicates to me that this user is now a lead, but I don't know how to convert him.

I have tried the second two which allow me to 'create a new record' but when I do that it is forcing me to set the Last Name to some fixed string.  This makes no sense.  Why would I want to change the last name?  I just want to move this target to the leads database/category.

This seems like it should be a core feature.  Perhaps I am going about this the wrong way.  Ultimately I want to have targets automatically get promoted to leads as soon as they do something on my website which will update the SugarDB and in theory trigger the workflow.