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How to include a Related To field in a report?

Question asked by Erol Halil on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by Erol Halil
Hi there,

I'm using a Sugar Professional edition as an on-demand instance and I would like to know if there is a better solution to generating a report on tasks which includes the "Related to" field.

I'm trying to display as a column in a report for tasks the "Related to" labelled field. I see in studio this field is call "parent_name" but it cannot be used in any way with sugar logic and unfortunately this field is not selectable in the reports creator/editor's options as a column to display. 

As a work around I set about to create a custom text field that I could use in my report and made it calculated using the following sugar logic:

Obviously this isn't the most efficient way of doing this since there is only 1 related module and it does generate many errors in our logs of the other related fields not being found. 

(I also realise this isn't an exhaustive list of the possible related modules but currently this doesn't bother me due to our current usage of modules and I can easily add further modules)

Does anyone have any better suggestions that I can implement in my on-demand hosted instance? 

Or can perhaps see any potential problems?

The obvious feature request would be for the "related To" field to be selectable in reports.
Or a better handling (in sugar logic) of the field types "Parent" or potentially "Parent_type" by treating them as strings. It is already possible to include the parent_type field in a report, it is a simple string of the related module's name.