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Ticketing System/CRM

Question asked by ad.dawson.84 ad.dawson.84 on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by ad.dawson.84 ad.dawson.84
It looks like by default, SugarCRM doesn't include a "ticketing system" unless you have the premium version.

Are there any recommended modules that can be bolted on to achieve the same task. Or perhaps 3rd party ticketing systems that can be integrated like osticket.

We are a small telecommunications/mobile phone company. We get a lot of customers calling in with various issue like signal issues etc. We basically need a way to "ticket/log" these issues. Perhaps have a customer portal for them to submit issues too, but not a necessity. 

At the moment it involves trawling through emails when you want to track issues, this isn't practical.

We also currently use Smartsheet to manage our data and is about time to migrate to a proper CRM.

Any help/suggestions would be great