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Custom module works fine for 'x' minutes then displays the module key instead of its name and is missing it's own drop downs definitions

Discussion created by staganyi staganyi on Jan 23, 2015
I'm on SugarCE 6.5.18 on the lamp stack and have the weirdest problem with a custom module. I created a simple custom module in module builder and successfully deployed/published it. Everything worked perfectly fine and then I noticed the module disappeared from the top menu bar. I navigated to the module manually through its URL and it loaded fine but the module title and field drop down definitions were missing. I perform a quick repair & rebuild and the module works fine again....then the issue arises again shortly after. When it stops working, I can see that my module is somehow missing in $app_list_strings[moduleList] but is in the global $moduleList variable. Why would it be  dropped from that variable even if only the same page is reloaded and nothing  else occurs?

Having said all that, here's more information to consider:
  • I know my server's not the problem because I tried the custom module on a clean install of SugarCE and did not have the issue. So what is wrong with my current install????
  • Permissions were reset many times, same outcome.
  • I'm on a cloned copy of my development instance and the scheduler is not in the crontab file.
  • Tried multiple browsers and computers with the same result.
  • Disabled php caching
  • No errors in server or sugar logs
  • Developer mode enabled
  • I've looked at the following Custom module displays the module key and name rather than the expected display name in list view but that does not appear to be my issue since the module does work at first.
I've wasted days trying to figure this one out, so any help would be greatly appreciated.