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How change the email body before it is sent?

Question asked by Mike Mike on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by Mike Mike
Hello everyone. I've to change the email body before it is sent. In the email body I've added a tag, it have to be replaced by a url to asp site. The url have to be contains the contact id that is sent the email also the id of the a custom module related. All these parameters have to be encrypted.

I add a custom logic hook fired by the before_save event of the email, but after many tests I understood that not useful because during sending an email, first the email is sent and then save it (not the other way round). Now, I read a lot over email template with variables, but I'm not sure of that because of the encryption I need. Well, I hope some idea (update safe better). Thanks!

SugarCRM Comnunity Edition
Version 6.5.18