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How do you handle independent Salespeople in Sugar?

Question asked by aglozier on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by aglozier
Hi, I'm new to Sugar.

Our company obtains a significant portion of their sales through Manufacturers' Representatives.  They act as an independent sales force.  They will not be using SugarCRM on our behalf but we will still need to use SugarCRM to manage them and the opportunities they generate.  I have a few ideas how to handle this but without SugarCRM experience, I can’t determine the best solution.  I’m sure other Sugar users have done this and that there is a best practice.  Do you have some suggest on how to handle this?

Manufacturers' Representative are companies with a sales force.  I believe that both the companies (Accounts?) and their people (contacts?) need to be in Sugar.  Also the customers they sell to on our behalf need to be in Sugar.  We would want to track opportunities, communications, etc. for all involved parties.

We are using Sugar Professional version 7.5