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REST API Performance issues

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jan 16, 2015
Hi there

We are integrating a Joomla3 site with SugarCRM CE 6.5 using the Rest API. However we are having lots of issues related to performance in response of data obtained from SugarCRM.

For example, in SugarCRM we have the Contacts module related to two custom modules. If we perform a search from Joomla3 to SugarCRM via REST API, of a contact given his ID, and we would like to get the info of the contact and the info of the two custom beans related, this takes us normally 40 secs, when in the SucarCRM user interface does not take more than 1,5 secs.

Is there any good practice guide or configuration tutorial that can help us to tune our system to improve considerally our performance?. This response time is not valid for an end user.

For the moment the response time for searchs from Joomla we have improved them a lot using direct SQL, however I dont think this should be the way, and also creation of new records has to be done using REST API to keep the ID creation of the records and also to maintain the relationships between modules.

Any ideas please, I have been searching for documentation about these issues however did not find much.

Thanks a lot in advance mates!