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Marketo 3.0 Package Does Not Install in 7.2

Question asked by Jon Parmley on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by lasfour
We recently upgraded to Sugar 7.2.2. In our previous version, 6.5.16, we had installed Marketo via SugarOutfitters (zip package 2.1.8).  There is no Uninstall feature for the 2.1.8 package and when I attempt to upload the new 3.0.8 version of the Marketo integration, Module Loader says 100% successful, but the package still appears in the Install portion of module loader vs appearing as an extension installed.  The 2.1.8 version still appears as the extension installed.  I have a feeling this is why when in admin/connectors/Enable Connectors/, Marketo does not appear.  Any idea on how I can get Marketo to appear under Enable Connectors?