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Resume parser module for CE 6.5.x?

Question asked by naren sugar on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by Shubh Shubh
Hello all Sugar Experts..

I have requirement that resume need to parse and convert them to lead/create as a record in another custom module, is this module already available as free? 

After browsing little time i got the link  
i installed the module which is available in the above link, Module installed fine,   

for checking i was set/save filed mapping and when i upload a cv, i got an error ..
saying that  "Query Failed: INSERT INTO 'leads' " in log file 

How to resolve this error?

And that module is free one? is there any other free resume parser?if so can you kindly guide me..

I have another requirement that Emplyoer(job order) email also need to parse and create a record in custom module..  

Is this kind of parser is already available as free...As of now we are looking for free parser's 

If not available can you please guide us/ how to achieve these both..

It could be great help