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KReporter "Base" installation does not complete

Question asked by jv_oz on Jan 13, 2015
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We have Sugar CRM CE v 6.5.18.  

I have uploaded both the Base and Core elements of KReporter and then have tried to Install the Base.  When I do this I immediately get the Commit and Cancel buttons (no accept GPU licence per the Youtube Video Tutorial???) and then after clicking Commit, it processes through 5% etc up to 100% and then stops.  Then all that is on the screen is “Display Log”, nothing that refers me back to the “Back to Module Loader”.  

Then when I go manually to the Module Loader, the Base package has not been installed.

I have the Sugar log for the installation attempt if that will be of use.

Can anyone please advise what we need to do to enable this?

Thank you for your help!