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Not able to save record using custom code

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jan 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by jlabuelo
Hi there

I have created a custom module called R2_Microhip in Module Builder and works fine. I am creating a controller action which involves creating a new record of this module and dont know why it does not work.

Code seems to run ok, and not error is shown in log files or anywhere, however when I go to check for the record nothing appears

I have this code, which for me looks quite simple and involves all mandatory fields for the module.

$new_chip = new R2_Microchip();        
$new_chip->id = $id_chip;
         $new_chip->assigned_user_id = $Vet_user;

As I said, everything runs ok and no error appears... however no record is stored or created in the DB. I am sure must be something really stupid, however I am not able to find it. Any ideas please???

Thanks a lot mates!