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Best way to upgrade from 5.2 CE

Question asked by Jack Hollibaugh on Jan 7, 2015
I'm a very small user and I have been using SugarCRM 5.2 CE for a few years and it has worked well for me. I have migrated many of my office PCs to Linux and would like to utilize the new add-on for Thunderbird. I tried it with Sugar 5.2 but can't get it the connect.  This desire added to the desire to just start fresh again and clean out all of the cobwebs in the old version has got me thinking of upgrading to the new CE version.

My question is relative to gaining insight from people who have moved from the dark ages of 5.2 Sugar CRM CE to the newer versions of Sugar CRM CE.  Essentailly, I would like to know if you found it to be a worthwhile endeavour.

Thanks in advance for any insight that you may have.

Very Best Regards,