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How to create a new module from scratch?

Question asked by Lucas Umberto on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by Ramana Raju Santhana
Hello, im new to sugarcrm dev, and i got here im my hands a sugarcrm
7.2.1 professional to learn and be the "sugar oficial developer" on my
job hehe

I've been having so much trouble to learn how to work on it, since i was reading about sugar v6...

let's get to the point, i need to create new modules and i've seen that
there is almost nothing that can teach someone new to sugar how to
start a module from scratch...

im working in a "hello world" module just to get things where they must be to start my real work,
so any hint on how to set up it will be nice!

When finished i will be sharing that module!

I already read all the sugar v7 documentation, so please dont send me there hehe

Cheers! and a great 2015 for everyone in this boat! :)))

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