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Is there a step-by-step implementation and integration with company's ERP (Sugar Professional)

Question asked by Ericg Ericg on Jan 6, 2015

Can someone point me to a step-by-step guide on how to implement SugarCrm and best practices to integrate it with an ERP system.

My case is as follows:

The company I work with want to purchase SugarCRM  Professional Edition but first they want to test some of SugarCRM capabilities with the Community Edition.

I am currently cleansing the customer information DB and once done I will map it and upload it into our test environment.

My  step-by-step is as follows:
1.- Cleasing customer DB (in progress)
2.- Map and upload DB
3.- Set up roles/permissions/users/groups
4.- Map customer field with our ERP (using REST)

and from here onward everything starts to get fuzzy...

My questions then are: what should I do next?
should I cleanse and upload: (in this order)

5.- Historical Data (orders and Invoices)
6.- Inventory (we manufacture around 80 different products)

What else do you suggest I should do?

Any help will be very much appreciated.