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Email Inbound Issues with IMAP and Self signed Certificate on different servers

Question asked by petepete petepete on Dec 31, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by Green666 Green666
Hi everyone

I am encountering this issue on CE 6.5.15 and on the newest version 6.5.20 as well.
SugarCE is hosted on my webserver ( and I try to connect it to my company's Exchange Server 2010.

Together with our IT support and the webhosting support we managed to get outbound emails working by whitelisting the webhosting IP.

However SugarCRM throws up the following error when trying to test Incoming Emails:

Certificate failure for unable to get local issuer certificate: /CN=SO-SBS2011.servername.local

Checked IMAP, all good. The Exchange server is definitely not running SSL.

What would the next step be? I used a trial version of SugarCRM to test the incoming email and it works so I guess it could have something to do with our self signed certificate? Is there a way in SugarCRM to disable checking for a certificate?

Any help appreciated!