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Dependent Dropdown not working on mobile side

Question asked by tguillem tguillem on Dec 23, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2015 by gkhanlarov
Hopefully someone will be able to help.  I have a dependent dropdown list in a module which works perfectly on the web side, yet does not function properly on the mobile side.  The situation:  The parent dropdown is one which contains "type of floor" which covers a broad range of product types, i.e. wood, tile, vinyl, etc.  The second dropdown provides different manufacturer types for the type of floor selected.  On the main application this works perfectly; the set of choices which appear after selecting the floor type are correctly shown. 

The problem I am experiencing resides on the mobile application.  The second dropdown does not retain the same properties.  By this I mean that regardless of which choice is made in the parent dropdown, all available choices are listed in the second dropdown.  For example, if I choose WOOD for floor type, it ignores the layout of the visibility editor and shows every possible choice that was entered.  Basically, the mobile side is ignoring the fact that the dropdowns are dependent.  Please help, any and all assistance is most appreciated and I thank you in advance for your assistance. 

What I have:  SugarCRM Professional, Version (Build 1004)