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Lead conversion dropping email address when identified as possible duplicate

Question asked by CoreyV CoreyV on Dec 17, 2014
CE 6.0.3

I have narrowed down a use case where when converting a Lead to a Contact, when Sugar identifies the conversion as a possible existing Contact (judging for possible duplicate by email address and by first and last name - stock setting), the newly created Contact is dropping/not converting the email address.

Similarly, if the conversion finds a possible existing Contact (by email address or name) and I agree that the Lead is really an existing Contact so I select the existing Contact to convert the Lead to - Sugar deletes the existing Contact's email address and then also does not bring over the Lead's (different) email address - I can see that Sugar is updating email_addr_bean_rel.deleted to 1 during the conversion.

Without knowing any better I assume the answer lies within convertlead.php or ContactFormBase.php, but I don't know.

Any help?