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InboundEmail slow performance and a bulk of issues

Question asked by Steph (Mextor). on Dec 15, 2014
I'm still attempting to use email in SugarCRM (6.5 CE) and I'm still failing:
  1. Impossible to access group email with IMAP and Exchange backend (using login like email\shared): 
      - Sugar checks the login is a valid email which is not the case here. (sugar.js file)
      - I've tried to update the login in the database, it came back everytime.
  2. Impossible to retreive sent email from the server (while they sit on it)
      - I don't know why.
  3. Connection are not stable 
       - Obtain User authenticated but not connected !
       - list folders fails 99% of the time
  4. Performances are very bad:
    - Retreiving folder list tooks one minute, while in php on my laptop it took less than a second.
    - Every time I attempt to synchronize or check mail, it took 5 minutes as it attempt to retreive all email from the very early ages of the universe while Sugar caches the email in the database.

Does anyone already manage to make this working and efficiently?

The server is huge enough, runing debian, not virtualized and hosted at the ISP (I'm the ISP) the Exchange server is in the cloud (Office 365).