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User creation in ldap at sugarcrm user creation time

Question asked by jlabuelo on Dec 14, 2014
Hi all

Sorry to bother you with this question, as I recogn I am not very good at Systems configuration.

We are integrating our SugarCRM with Joomla3 and one of  our ideas was to use LDAP sync between both systems.

Our idea here is to have Sugar as main point for users administration, so we would like that when  a new user is created in SugarCRM, login ,password and other properties get synced with LDAP automatically. Is this possible?

As far as I understand it in the documentation I have readed so far, we can create a new user in Sugar, but to make it work with ldap, we need to create the user by our own, and independently, also in LDAP.

Is there any way to get that when a new user is created in Sugar, its information (login, password, name...), is also created in Ldap automatically???

We are using SugarCE 6.5 with OpenLDAP in Ubuntu server 10.

Thanks a lot by the way!!