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How to get only the newest change to display in Kreporter 3.0? (Change_log report)

Question asked by Clayton Chapman on Dec 12, 2014

I am pulling a report using Kreports v 3.0 for our opportunities module. I am trying to get a sense of how many opportunities have changed probabilities within the last month (i.e. 10% ->50%, 80%->0%).

The report is working correctly, its just that it is only displaying the change that occurred first within the time-frame, not the latest change. For example, if an opportunity changed from 25% to 50% two weeks ago, and then changed from 50% to 0% last week, it will only display the 25% to 50% change. I'd rather it only display the latest change.

Does anyone who use Kreporter for reporting on the change log have some helpful ideas?