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Need An Affordable, Basic CRM to integrate with Act-On? Will Sugar Community Ed work?

Question asked by Richard Andrade on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by Noah Thomas

It looks like our small company is about to purchase the marketing automation platform Act-On. Like most marketing automation platforms, it needs to hook up with a CRM that will be the vessel for holding all of our customer data from various sources. In addtion to integrating with Act-On, the CRM itself would need to sync with QuickBooks Enterprise at a minimum, and possibly our e-commerce platform Magento.

We've looked at the regular SugarCRM editions, especially Professional, but the requirement that we have to purchase a minimum of 10 user licenses takes that right out of the picture. We really only require 2 users- me and the marketing automation platform that will be integrated with the CRM.

Salesforce is an option (no minimum user purchase requirement) but would still be $180/mo for two users plus API access.

We are a small B2C ecommerce company with 4 employees- we don't need a lot of the CRM bells and whistles that are out there (don't need to track or score sales leads, etc.).

So my question is, understanding that we would need a developer to help us get it in place, would SugarCRM Community Edition offer us a) affordability, b) ease of use and c) the API flexibility we would need to integrate it with QuickBooks, Act-On and, possibly Magento? Any big obstacles? Or is there a better solution out there?