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can't find a way how to make comments style for tracker - please help

Question asked by Alex Alex on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by Alex Alex
hello! I'm started to adopt this nice system for our needs and started with tracker part. here is description of my issue, which I can't make foe now because of small expireence in configuing:
what we have now - it is possible to add "notes" and "attachments", but seems unusable because of view style
what is wrong with it - to view every note or attachment you need to open it. it is impossible to see "who did what and when" when jut opening a task
how it needs to be - I can see all posted actions in this task with info "who posted, when posted, what atachs was added with this post" when open a request. And the main thing - this posts must be unchangeble after pushing "save" button.

please help to understand how to do it or point me to the way of achieving such goals :) 
Version 6.5.18 (Build 1110)