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Customizing Deatil View Layout and Hiding Subpanels (Cases)

Question asked by Jeff C on Dec 8, 2014
Just wanted to confirm, in the latest CE version (6.5.x) the Studio does not have a function to hide/remove subpanels.  It must be done by editing layout_defs.php. Correct?

There's a warning content is autogenerated so what triggers the autogenerate which would overwrite my modifications?

Finally, I see the definition for the Security Groups subpanel but I also want to remove the Bugs and Projects but don't see anything referring to those in the /modules/Cases/Ext/Layoutdefs/layoutdefs.ext.php file?

It appears those subpanels are there due to the relationships defined for cases.  I may want to utilize the bugs and projects relationship later but for now I have no use and don't want to display the subpanels.  Is there documentation somewhere for how to create a custom detail view?   In studio, the Detail View doesn't show the layout for the subpanels.  Plus I can't see in studio how you move panels to be side by side.  With the higher resolution displays used now, the panel tabels are way too wide.