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How To Create a View Layout with Panels (not fields) in Two (Multiple) Columns (Side by Side Subpanels)

Question asked by Jeff C on Dec 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by Jirik Haselgrove
Sugar 6.5 CE

In Studio View Layout Editor (this happens to be for Cases Edit View but should apply to all view layouts) I see no way for me to move a panel into a second column to the side of another panel.  This is frustrating in that many people (like myself) are using 1920 pixel width video displays these days so you get this stack of panels with extremely wide tables, way wider than necessary to display the list data of the panel.  

How can I go about moving the panels into two columns like you can do when you edit the layout of the Dashboard where you can move dashlets side by side.  If I have to do some coding, so be it.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can throw a bone out on this one.

I believe this article is discussing columns for fields within a panel.  I want columns for the panels themselves.