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Why are workflows not sending emails?

Question asked by on Dec 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2014 by Alan Beam
This is actually a post I'm copying over from the previous board.  I'm having the exact same issue with a time-based workflow.  I have a date field that uses the AddDays() calculation, and a time based workflow that's supposed to fire on that date and it literally does nothing.  Due to upgrade issues, we're using the unsupported version of 6.4.2 until January, so we don't have the option of getting support.  Does anyone have any insight?

Here is the original post from another user on the old board:

SugarCRM Pro 6.2.2 (Test instance)

Our first attempt at using workflows.

  • Email is configured and the email test sends the e-mail as expected
  • Scheduler for Process Workflow Tasks is active and runs completing successfully "as often as possible"
  • Cron job is set up correctly (we have a number of scheduled jobs that execute fine)
  • Workflow is Active.

I set up a workflow as specified below. I chose time 1 minute for testing (the idea is to have two warnings one at 3dd overdue and one at 10dd overdue)

Name: Overdue     Tasks
Execution Occurs:  After time elapses
Status:                 Active
Target Module:      Tasks
Applies To:            New and Updated Records
Processing Order:   Alerts then Actions

When Due Date:   was more than '1 minute' ago
When a field in the target module contains a specified value: Status: Equals in Progress

Send Alert Overdue Tasks using a Custom Template: Overdue Tasks
Recipients: A user associated with the target module (User who is assigned the record using address To)


1) why am I not getting the emails, how do I check that this workflow is running?
2) how often is this workflow processed? is it dependent on the scheduled "Process Workflow Tasks"?
3) will it send an e-mail for each overdue task? or a compilation of all overdue tasks per user?


PS. still working on upgrading to 6.4.5; currently on SugarCRM Pro 6.2.2