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Why does Grinmark create multiple entries from 1 email?

Question asked by MaartenGolf MaartenGolf on Dec 3, 2014
Grinmark creates multiple entries from 1 email. Why?

We love Grinmark's functionality, but it does create some issues for us.
Our questions:
1. When we archive our emails from Outlook, Grinmark/SugarCRM create multiple entries in the Notes database. How can we avoid this?
2. Regardless which Outlook user does the archiving, the 'Created by' field is filled with 'Administrator' and not the user name. How to fix this?

I hope somebody can point us in the right direction. Thank you in

Our details:
Outlook 2010
Grinmark MS Office Addin version 4.1.9
SugarCRM  CE version 6.5.18 (build 1110)