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How to increase the memory limit for individual pages?

Question asked by Shawn Bure on Dec 1, 2014
What pages have the Mass Update, Import and Export functions?  I would like to use a page level php setting ini_set('memory_limit','xxxm').  All support and articles I have read explain that you should do this in the php.ini file (memory_limit) to a large number.  If you do this, the max clients per web server has to be incredibly low - also exposing your server to each session to have xxxMB as a maximum value.  My users have an average of 60mb sessions, but a few users doing batch items need something higher (my dev says 512mb) which isn't realistic.  I understand we can put this directive in a php script to temporarily raise the php default - so i would like to know where this can be changed for those three functions.