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Import data to crm

Question asked by Abhi Abhi on Nov 28, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2014 by Abhi Abhi
Hi All ,

i running with 6.5CE 

what i am trying to achieve is ,  for example i have csv file where all my product name , product id ( uniq id ) , prize suppose i have 4 type of products in csv and total product is around 280

so after importing or while importing the data to crm i need to fetch the number of product for specific type
for example

type 1 : 80
type 2 : 120
type 3 : 40
type 4 : 40

once i have the number of product i want to maintain these to seprate module called storage

so my question is how can i achieve this do i need to use logic hook to fetch the details ????? unsure

my main goal is to achieve order management in crm it would be grate if some one guide me on how the flow works in terms of order management  and how the order is generated and how the quotes and invoice comes in picture 

can any one here can guide me how to do this ???????????

Thanks for your time and support

Abhi Adr