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Why is the default page the installation page?

Question asked by Nelson Therrien on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Nelson Therrien

I installed Sugar 6.5.18 CE. After installation, I had problems with CSS and logo (I specify it, in case it is related...), which I solved by putting the correct files and folder to 755 or 777...

But now, when I go back to my root page (after loggin out), it keeps pointing me to the install page instead of the index page (i.e. I can login if I manually type "mydomain/crm/index.php", but if I type "mydomain/crm/" it keeps on taking me back to the install page).

I tried to rename my install page to install.php.bak, in case I need it later and it keeps on trying to load it (with now a page not found error, since I renamed it)...

So, the question is: where's the setting that I can change so the default page is index.php and not install.php?