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MySQL server has gone away error when reassigning users

Question asked by PureResorts PureResorts on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by PureResorts PureResorts
SUGAR 6.3.3

In the last few days we are suffering a problem that is drive my crazy.

We are reassigning user to accounts/leads/contacts and some of the records work perfectly, but in other cases doesnt work, a database failure appears.

I've checked the error_log and I've get that a crazy query is run. 

  Query Failed: INSERT INTO email_addresses (id, email_address, email_address_caps, date_created, date_modified, deleted) VALUES('6fed1c4a-7e3e-0f2d-7161-5475adeb82ba', ' email1, email2, email3 .... email-n) MySQL error 2006: MySQL server has gone away

email1,email2, -> Are almost thousand repetions of the same email addresses 

To me make no sense at all, after this fail sugar failure completely.....

Please, help!!!