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How to generate a report based on two modules with Alineasol Reports?

Question asked by zymba2k zymba2k on Nov 24, 2014

I have the following scenario:

I use leads module to manage leads and assing them meetings when I schedule an interview with them.

After than interview, they MAY be converted to customers and the related meeting keeps related to the newly created object in Accounts modules.

So, in the end, I have all my interviews either related to a Lead or to an Account.

Now, I want to generate a report that tells me how many meetings i have with both of them (leads and accounts) grouped by month.

So far, I could base the report on the Meetings module as main module.

The problem is I want to filter both Leads and Acconts by a certain value in their status field, so I think this mean, I cannont use Meetings module as main module.

I can solve this by generating two different reports, one based in Leads Module and one based in accounts module.

How could I do this in a single report?

Thanks in advance,