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CE layout editor not creating new area to drop fields in panel

Question asked by Mark Buckingham on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by Mark Buckingham
Hi folks

I am running CE Version 6.5.16. Very new to Sugar - it's a nice product.

I am trying to extend it with a new module and have created a new entity.

When I try to use the layout editor to drag new fields into the default panels created for the module, I am assuming the java editor should be creating a drop down area when I hover over the place I want the field to appear (this seems to be the case in other areas of the studio).

However, this space is not appearing and I am unable to drop the new field.

The editor will allow me to replace an existing field, but not create a new space for an additional field.

I have search through the forums, and see that this may well be an issue with the studio2.js file in /crm/modules/ModuleBuilder/javascript. However, I am unsure where to get a clean copy or a bug fix copy of this for 6.5.16

The editor is not throwing an error and I have updated my Java to the latest version (V8U25). The same issue occurs in Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Has anyone else experience this? Do I make the wrong assumption and do I need to find another way to add fields to the panel layouts?