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Team name only showing First Name

Question asked by Chuck Chuck on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by Alex Nassi
We are using the latest Corporate version On Demand.  I am trying to add a Team to an Opportunity, but I can't tell them apart.  We have 3 Salesmen named John and they all have Private Teams like "John AAA", "John BBBB", "John CCC".  When I am entering an Opportunity and try to add a Team member I get a list with "John" 3 times.  I have tried to search by actual Username and by Last name, but I get no results.  I tried the "Search for more..." option and it opens a new window with all of our Teams, but it only shows First Names.  So, I still see "John" 3 times as well as a couple for "Joe".

If I go to the Team view, I see the full name for the Teams - "John AAA", etc.

Is there a setting I am missing somewhere that will show the entire Team name under the Opportunities?

I submitted a Case earlier, but thought I might get a quicker response here.