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License/ReadMe Screen doesn't show up during custom package installation in Pro

Question asked by Ishani Vardhan on Nov 21, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2014 by Ishani Vardhan
Hi there,

We are running on Sugar PRO instance and have a problem while testing custom package installation.

The package contains 'README.txt' and 'LICENSE.txt' file at the root of the package.

manifest.php has 'readme' => 'README.txt' as one of the declaration in $manifest

But still neither LICENSE nor README screen shows up when we click on "Install" from Module Loader.

This wasn't an issue in 7.2.1, so has some thing changed or is it a bug in ?

Tried with a very basic package too and still didn't get that initial screen.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue and if yes, any possible solution that can be suggested ?