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Creating a Document Approval and Billing System With Sugar CRM

Question asked by What No Website on Nov 20, 2014
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Looking for a method of completing the following and I thought Sugar may be the answer...

Uploads documents for approval by week code "XX" for example and drops them into a folder using FTP. Each file has a predefined suffix so that the system only displays and allows the user to approve their artwork and no one else's.

Each user has a predefined list of drops that can be manipulated by the client week by week and are uploaded using a CSV output.

Logs in, reviews artwork and the selected postcodes, costs etc. and approves or requests changes.

Currently Have:
Hand coded system that manages all this in a reasonably automated fashion. Client uploads artwork, drop codes and costs associated.

Would Like:
More automated system that allows for user groups to be more easily manipulated, artwork to be stored and previewed after approval and something more robust that can be managed by the client

The project has been running for some time and the system we implemented works but requires a lot of hand coding to edit and the ideal scenario is a system that the client themselves can manage and I was hoping Sugar CRM could do this.

Any thoughts...?