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SugarCRM type fieldset label font and dependencies

Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by Francesca Shiekh
In v7 it's possible to group items in a fieldset so they appear in one "slot" on the layout.
I did this, for example for Phone and Extension.


                      10 => array(
          'fields'=> array (
            0 => array(
            2 => array(

I have two questions about this:
1) the label inside the fieldset "Ext" shows in the same font as the data, not as the other labels. How can I change that?

2) if there is a dependency between two fields in the fieldset it doesn't work. 
for example, I have another dependency where I have a dropdown and a relate field, if the dropdown is "Contact" then the Contact relate field appears and is mandatory. But if I put the two in a field set for a tidier view the relate field shows regardless. Any solution to that?