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Server unavailable on given url in SugarCRM Mobile

Question asked by Johan Johan on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by Arthur Chocholacek

We have some problems with the SugarCRM mobile app.
We are running SugarCRM Professional, version 7.2.0 on Ubuntu.

SugarCRM is running on https, this is working fine for the general site and the mobile site.

But if we want to connect with the SugarCRM mobile app, we get the error: 
Server unavailable on given url.

If we change the Apache server configuration: disable SSL, and set the port for the virtualhost for SugarCRM to port 80.

Everything is working fine, the general site, mobile site and the SugarCRM mobile app is working.

We have checked some log files, but we see no error's if we have the configuration on port 443 with SSL configured.