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How can I fix FastCGI and mbstring errors while installing 6.5.18?

Question asked by siddaramesh on Nov 19, 2014
i'm getting error while installing sugarcrm 6.5.18. the error's are "For optimal experience using IIS/FastCGI sapi, set fastcgi.logging to 0 in your php.ini file." 
Functions associated with the Multibyte Strings PHP extension (mbstring) that are needed by the Sugar application were not found. 

Generally, the mbstring module is not enabled by default in PHP and must be activated with --enable-mbstring when the PHP binary is built. Please refer to your PHP Manual for more information on how to enable mbstring support."

i changed fastcgi.logging to 0 in my php.ini but it is not removing and also i un comment the "extension=php_mbstring.dll" in php.ini for second error but it is also not removing... 
 please help me..
thank you..