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How to create an AsolProject using WFM?

Question asked by Dan Brown on Nov 18, 2014
I am using sugar 6.5.18 CE along with AlineaSol WFM 4, AlineaSol Reports 4.2.3, Asol Project Management GANTT 2.1.5.
I am trying to create a project using a custom trigger on the accounts. 
WFM creates the Asol Project using the Account name; however, I get the following message when I enter the project.

"loadGanttFromServer: success -> response.ok==false"

I also noticed that three fields were missing information after I compaired it to a manually created Asol project.

Last published version:

Working version:

AsolProject Manager:
All three fields are related fields.

How do I automatically create data for these related fields without choosing and existing record that belongs to another record?

Can someone give me a little insight on exacly how to create a relationship for these other related fields and how I can populate them.

I will be thankfull for any suggestions to help get me pointed in the right direction.