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How do I add a Member Organization Subpanel to a custom module?

Question asked by tguillem tguillem on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by lsackett
Version: Edition: Professional

Good morning, I hope someone can assist with a subpanel question.  In the "account" module, in the subpanel section, there is a subpanel titled 'Member Organization' - I have included a screen shot of the subpanel I am referring to (please note that my account module has been renamed to A&D)

I am trying to add that subpanel to a different custom module, which is also used as an 'account' module, it just contains different types of customer accounts. 

The issue I am having is that the only reference I see to the Member Organizations subpanel in Studio is under the 'account' module subpanel section. 

I have tried to create a new relationship in my custom module for this subpanel, but an option for it is not listed.  I have checked the 'Display Modules and Subpanels' section of the admin page and there is no listing there either.

Can someone please assist with finding where this subpanel
can be modified/copied in order for it to appear in another custom module?  Thank you in advance for any and all assistance
in finding a solution to this problem.