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Creating Contacts Multiselect Box for Tags. A Search Issue

Question asked by Ahmed Abdelsalam on Nov 16, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by lasfour
Hi All,

I needed in my SugarCRM application (6.5.18) to have a tags box to be associated with contacts. Of course a contact can have multiple tags, and so I used the Studio to create a multi-select box for tags, I added such tags multiselect to EditView, DetailsView, Search (Advanced Search), etc.... No problem with that.

The problem I faced is that when I try to search for contacts based on multiple tags. For example, I have tags called A,B and C . A contact is associated with tags A

When I search (Advanced Search) and select tag A (to find all contacts under tag A), then the contact is listed OK, no problem.

When I select the multiple tags (A and B) is the advanced search, where I mean find me contacts listed in tags (A and B) at the same time. the contact appears in the search results, which mean that the app is using (A OR B). 

So, how to change the search method to be (A and B)?