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Create a basic Knowledge Base report that includes the status & body of article

Question asked by Rsingh Rsingh on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by Rsingh Rsingh
SugarCRM Version: 6.7.7 Enterprise
Report Type: Rows & Columns
Module: Knowledge Base
Issue: I want to design a basic report that prints out all of our knowledge base articles. The currently existing report that I designed includes the following fields:
    • Document Title (article subject)
    • Author
    • Approver
    • Date Created

What I cannot figure out is where the following fields can be found:
    • Body (Article)
    • Status (of article)

In an effort to be completely thorough here, I have looked at every field in each of the following related modules and cannot find anything that contains the body of the article as well as the status. Here the related modules I checked:
    • Approved By
    • Assigned to User
    • Cases
    • Contracts
    • Created by User
    • Default Primary Team
    • Emails
    • Leads
    • Modified by User
    • Team Set

Does anyone have any ideas of what I am missing here? I simply cannot find the actual full text of the articles to design onto a report. Thank you (in advance).