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add custom button in list view to overwrite the list view search

Question asked by Abhi Abhi on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2014 by Abhi Abhi
Hi All , 

Here what i am trying is in my list-view i want to add button near to delete option  as show in pic below


and when i click on that button called as ( New leads ) , i want to perform search with new leads and i want to display that .. 

1) so for adding button if i guess i need to change the ListViewGeneric.tpl file 

and on click of that button can i call the entry point and overwrite the list-view ??

currently in my view.list.php contains  code with default search of status =converted 

// require_once('custom/modules/Leads/LeadsListViewSmarty.php');
  class LeadsViewList extends ViewList  {      /**       * @see ViewList::preDisplay()       */      // var $where ;      function LeadsViewList()      {          parent::ViewList();             // parent listview       }      public function preDisplay(){       // predisplay logic gose here           parent::preDisplay();      }      function listViewProcess()        // genrating listview       {          $this->processSearchForm();          if($this->where==''){              $this->where.="leads.status='Converted'";          }          $this->lv->searchColumns = $this->searchForm->searchColumns;     if(!$this->headers)      return;          $this->lv->setup($this->seed, 'include/ListView/ListViewGeneric.tpl', $this->where, $this->params);          echo $this->lv->display();      }    }      can some one guide me how we can do this i really want to learn the customization of list view     Thank You for your time and support