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How to report on ACT-ON dashlet information?

Question asked by Davewils Davewils on Nov 12, 2014
I have a request from a product manager to produce a report which shows him the number of website asset downloads over time (weeks/months). We use Act-ON, and all our website assets have act-on links so we can track when they are downloaded/opened and by whom. 

Unfortunatly Act-On is not mature enough yet to include the kind of report i need. It only reports on the individual asset level (who opened an asset and when). 

I'm hoping i can therefore use SugarCRM to get the report i need. We have the Act-On connector installed and working and we can see the relevant info for each lead using the Act-On dashlet. But i cant see anywhere in the reports section to allow me to use this information in my reports. 

We are using SugarCRM Enterprise, Version (Build 1017)