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How can I workaround a Reports datatype variation between 5.x and 7.x?

Question asked by sairam sairam on Nov 12, 2014
Hi All,

I have a doubt, In the Reports module there is a table called saved_reports and import_maps,
These are sugar default tables but here the difference which i have detected in crm7 compared to crm5. In the old crm5 for the above tables there is a column called content which was in longBlob datatype format. But now in crm7 the same column data type is present as longText, due to this my migration of data present in old crm 5 to crm7 is not working due to limited size of column present in the new crm7. So please suggest me how to over come this issue, Can i modify the default table's column data type in crm7 ??? will it work or any other solution is there?