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How to assign region code to a region drop down?

Question asked by khushboo$007 khushboo$007 on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by khushboo$007 khushboo$007
Dear All,

I am very new to Sugar CRM  and I started working on it about one week
before only.
I am facing an issue in creating a drop down list of Regions with Region code.

For example, I am having a drop down list names "Select State" with
all regions. So when a user select any region, associated code will be
reflected in a text box.
For example:
Gujarat then region code will be 101
If state name is Haryana then region code will be 102
If state name is Punjab then region code will be 103
and so on....

Please help me out.